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Robert Farago

Robert Farago

Robert Farago began his career as a news writer for WBRU-FM Providence, RI. Farago then interned at enough media outlets to put a dozen people out of work. After graduating from Tufts University, he moved to Atlanta to pick electronic cotton for Massa Turner (CNN).

In the following decade, Farago progressed from someone who adjusts camera three left or right by three inches for eight hours a day (since automated), to videotape editor, writer and reporter. He switched over SuperstationWTBS, where he produced Good News. After assuming the Managing Editor’s slot at Creative Loafing newspaper, and bailing on same, Farago went freelance. In the UK.

At some point, Farago morphed from writer to hypnotist; a pursuit that kept him occupied and employed for ten years. Back in the states, he started www.thetruthaboutcars.com (TTAC). Eight years later he sold the site to NameMedia. and started The Truth About Guns (TTAG).

The Event

Join Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit and one of America’s foremost Second Amendment Scholars, author of Hands off My Gun as well as Steve Green, Ed Morrissey, Mark (Rip) Rippetoe, Roger Simon, Helen Smith, and Kevin Williamson for a weekend dedicated to the Second Amendment.

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