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Glenn Reynolds

WHO IS GLENN REYNOLDS? I’m a law professor at the University of Tennessee. (National Jurist named me one of 23 law professors you must take before you die.) I write various law review articles, opeds, and other stuff. I’m a Contributing Editor at Popular Mechanics. I’m a columnist at The Washington Examiner. My most recent book is An Army of Davids : How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths
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Dr. Helen

Dr. Helen is a forensic psychologist and a distinguished writer who has written for a variety of publications, including The L.A. Times, The Christian Science Monitor and The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Her book, The Scarred Heart: Understanding and Identifying Kids Who Kill, was released in 2000. She also was the writer and executive producer of Six, a documentary about the murder of a family in Tennessee by teens from Kentucky.
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Mark Rippetoe

Mark Rippetoe has worked in the fitness industry since 1978. He was a competitive powerlifter for ten years, retiring from competition in 1988. For the next 10 years he announced most of the powerlifting meets in North Texas, while coaching lifters and training the members of his gym, the Wichita Falls Athletic Club, for strength and athletic performance. He retired from powerlifting involvement in 1997, to focus more on Olympic weightlifting…
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Roger L. Simon

Los Angeles-based Roger L. Simon is the author of ten novels, including the prize-winning Moses Wine detective series, and seven screenplays, including Enemies: A Love Story for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. The 2012 Academy Award-nominated release A Better Life was based on his original story.
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Stephen Green

Stephen Green, also known as ”VodkaPundit,” was one of the first bloggers to join PJ Media. He appears alongside Scott Ott and Bill Whittle on PJTV’s Trifecta, and previously hosted PJTV’s Hair of the Dog and The Week in Blogs.
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Ed Morrissey

When Ed Morrissey first launched the conservative political blog “Captain’s Quarters” in October 2003, he could hardly have predicted the impact that his venture would have on the media and political debate. As the New Media emerged as a counterbalance to established media sources, “Captain Ed”, as he is known to his readers, rode his prolific essays about national politics, foreign policy, the presidential election, and the failings of the mainstream media to the vanguard of the New Media movement.
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James Lileks

James Lileks was born in Fargo North Dakota, the son of Norman Rockwell and Betty Crocker. He attended the University of Minnesota for seven years, attending class for five; at the Minnesota Daily he started writing a column that has continued in the Twin Cities market for thirty years.

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Robert Farago

Robert Farago began his career as a news writer for WBRU-FM Providence, RI. Farago then interned at enough media outlets to put a dozen people out of work. After graduating from Tufts University, he moved to Atlanta to pick electronic cotton for Massa Turner (CNN).
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The Event

Join Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit and one of America’s foremost Second Amendment Scholars, author of Hands off My Gun as well as Steve Green, Ed Morrissey, Mark (Rip) Rippetoe, Roger Simon, Helen Smith, and Kevin Williamson for a weekend dedicated to the Second Amendment.

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